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Shopee ₱ 100 off:
Shopee ₱ 100 off
Iposters Coca Cola Coke Poster Float Mounted
Coca Cola Coke Poster

This poster has been float mounted and has a luxurious satin matt finish which eliminates light reflections whilst allowing the clarity of the image to shine through.
The precision aluminium stand-off barrel fixings keep the mount away from the wall giving a floating, 3D effect. The float mount is water resistant and can be kept clean with a quick dust. Finger prints or more stubborn marks can be easily removed with glass cleaner.Measurements
Height / Width: 90 x 60 cms (approx 36 x 24 Inches)
Mount Thickness: 5mm (Approx 1/4 Inch)
Depth (distance from wall to front of mount): 2 cms (Approx 3/4 Inch)

Luxurious satin matt finishContemporary lookNo frame or glass to distract from imageQuality constructionReady to hangMade in the UK


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