? Coca-Cola Commemorative Bottles: Identification & Value Guide

Coca-Cola Commemorative Bottles: Identification & Value Guide

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Coca-cola Commemorative Bottles: Identification & Value Guide
Commemorative Coca-Cola bottles hold a special appeal because of the variety of subjects displayed on the bottles - festivals, Christmas, anniversaries, sporting events, national companies, and more. This second edition is completely revised and updated to include the latest bottles. Over 1,000 commemorative Coca-Cola bottles from 1980 to the present are showcased in full color photographs. Complete alphabetical and manufacturer indexes to both eight-ounce and ten-ounce bottles help the collector quickly locate his bottle and evaluate it. The photos are accompanied by complete descriptions, dates, and current collector values. Grab a Coca-Cola Commemorative Bottles 2nd Edition and a smile! 2001 values. REVIEW: Due to how well book I was received by collectors, Helen Greguire produced book II. A large selection of colors, shapes, and rarities are included, as well as cross collectibles along with various pieces of literature including catalogs, posters, and advertisements.

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