2011 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 635 Coca Cola Red Quart Un-reduced Paint!

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Shopee ₱ 100 off:
Shopee ₱ 100 off
2011 Mercedes-benz Sprinter 635 Coca Cola Red Quart Un-reduced Paint!
This listing is for one Quart of our premium state-of-the-art basecoat. This is a true Urethane basecoat just like the OE finish on your car. Designed for absolute durability and precise color match. Our universal basecoat may be used with any quality urethane or polyurethane clear-coat. Please note that this basecoat will need to be reduced with urethane reducer prior to application. The Mix ratio for this product is 1 part urethane basecoat color to 1 part appropriate temperature urethane reducer. We also offer all of the same automotive colors in pre-reduced basecoat, single stage paint and a large variety of touch options including custom made aerosols.

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